#SwampMan Swamp Man: 10 page chapters

The discipline of sticking within a 10 page boundary for a chapter of the Swamp Man story is invigorating. As fun and easy as it would be to do the postmodern thing of having four pages of conversation, an ass shot then two pages of someone walking away, I think for micro publishers like my Flying Tiger Comics we have to stick to el rapido storytelling. Half or third page splash with an occasional full page when it is needed- and cram  the details and the exposition in.

Since Swamp Man is a little bit like Twin Peaks or Passions in that the stubs of future storylines litter the pages, the pace needs to be medium- jogging along then each later chapter can drill down or expand a certain aspect. It helps to have it planned out as far as possible- but it’s also important to remember #StanLee ‘s statement- just write what the characters tell you to write. As long as the characters are speaking to you- they’re alive, and they’ll find their audience.


Swamp Man TM is part of the Conundrum Universe TM & (c) 2015 Jonathan Nolan all rights reserved worldwide.

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