The Great God Pan

So what am I saying here?  Is the god Pan/Faunus, or the Genius Loci the source of the panic that seems to be self evident in some of the cases in the Missing 411 books, Todd Sees, and the Dyatlov Pass incident?  In a way, yes. It is believed by academics that many of the ancient gods arose out of the need to explain natural phenomena, which the people of the time lacked the scientific knowledge to understand (Thor, god of Thunder, explained why the sky shook; there was a god that lived “up there” and was doing it).  I think it is more complicated than that but it’s a good start.  So accepting this one can then make a rather bold assertion, and that is that the idea of panic in forests is something that has been with humanity for a long time, at least since the Greeks.  What or who is Pan, or the power behind the myth?  That is the real question here.

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