The Marvel comics reboot: childhood’s end.

DC comics never had continuity, despite their pretences to the contrary.

With the end of Marvel paper universe, and in the context of its recent convulsions to try and reflect the popular elements of the movie universe, we’re seeing the genuine end of Marvel comicbooks. They will drift on for a few years, but this is the last ten year period of their existence. After that they will be as cosmically irrelevant to the characters they birthed as ancient Scrooge McDuck comics are to the older Disney properties.

Which is not to say comicbooks themselves are dead; people still listen to opera and it really is the poster child for a dead artform. Likewise many other forms of expression which were once mainstream and then slid into obliquity.

On the other hand the Marvel Movie Universe has taken over the continuity and the central conceit of Lee’s Marvel Universe, that of a shared universe where over the top fantasy coexists with the humblest and most moving elements of human existence. Soaper Heroes.


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