Manifestation Manifesto

In physical reality back down in the Black Iron Prison, control of the means of production- and the human workers who toil as slaves – is EVERYTHING.

We exist because a higher entity dreams. The entity’s dreams express themselves as stories. These stories exist imaginally, and physically. Anyone can see this is true- nothing expressed physically exists before the concept of it is brought into consciousness first.

One might argue that natural phenomena exist without prior thought. But that is to mistake perception for the gross reality which our lower senses elevate to total reality. This is NOT total reality. Total reality is dream + story + idea + physical realm.

Gautama Buddha: with our thoughts we shape the world.

New Testament: faith can move mountains and WILL when you address your mind and spirit properly to the task. Jesus could not heal the faithless. What is called the Holy Spirit, or the Comforter, the Defender, is the animating principle of reality.

Philip K. Dick knew this instinctively and reached for it again and again ever more clearly before his premature passing from this realm.

In my own work, Swamp Man is the latest attempt to explain and express these ideas, but many of my past works touch on it in a more feeble and incoherent way.



5 thoughts on “Manifestation Manifesto”

  1. What Is “Faith,” Properly Understood?

    Ho ho oho–well Tiger, this is interesting–so what are u saying?–that reality is what u WANT it to be?–what u WILL (Schopenhauer)?–So u’re God, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

    U don’t give the reference to “faith” in New Test., but proper “faith” for Christianity is LOYALTY–not “buhleeeeeeeeeeeevin'”–u can “beleeeeeev” all u pls, but it doesn’t create reality, buddy. Yes, u CAN delude urself–it’s done all the time.

    Don’t forget, the Jews insist God created reality for Jews–in fact, only reason God exists is to have created the MOST precious thing–kikes. Ho ho ho ho ho

    That’s why Jews follow the Talmud “midrash” by which Torah (first 5 Biblic books) is “interpreted” for the good of Jews. That’s why Jews insist on “buhleeeeeeeeeeeeeevin’.” See and for best Talmudic expo.

    That’s why Christ came to clarify and restate things for original Mosaic Law–which he said Jews (followers of Pharisees) had diverged fm and now mis-represented, including their satanic understanding of “faith” as beleeeeeevin’.

    And it’s too true that present Christianity has been Judaized, the people having adopted the “beleeeeeeeeeevin'” understanding of “faith,” which is only LOYALTY, properly understood.

    For u are NOT God, tiger–u need to get a clue–and it doesn’t matter how much or what u “beleeeeeeeeeev”–reality is always and only what God has made, that’s all–humans are NOT God and do NOT create reality–doesn’t matter what, or how, or how much they “beleeeeeeeeeev.”

    Thus reality is (a) objective (not subjective as Jews insist), and hence (b) totally DETERMINED according to absolute cause-effect. All humans can do is to use reason, logic, science, etc., to understand and act accordingly.

    And ethics?–it’s just logic btwn means and ends, those ends being whatever is chosen by humans. Christ says TRUTH is the greatest virtue towards Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6). Truth is the greatest virtue–above all/anything else, including “faith,” “peace,” “love,” or (non-existent) “good.”

    And there could be no truth without the necessarily under-lying objective reality–this is the Christian philosophy, truth, and msg. Everything else (subjectivism) is satanism, subjectivism the foundation/root of LIES (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

    And the satanic temptation is the yearning to be “good” which is borne of inferiority-complex. “Good-evil” is for suckers, children (who never grow-up) and dogs, and really means only . . . “obedient”–that’s what’s “good” for present-day fools and heretics of “Judeo-Christianity” (JC–see and for expo), an oxymoron.


    1. Faith is totally misused and in some cases mistranslated. Faith requiring abandonment of reason is unnecessary if God is real since your prayers will be answered. If prayers go unanswered there is a defect in either the supplicant, the prayer or the god being prayed to.


      1. Sure, I follow u, but not sure if u’re following my argument given, above. Tiger: there’s basic dichotomy and war going on in world today: it’s very much satanism, led by Jews, against humanity, led by Christians, the real ones. And that war is best, most easily characterized and described as objective view of reality vs. subjectivism. This is my argument, given above, in a nutshell.


      2. You focus on the jews- what about the Archons? Seems the Archons are very much in vogue again now, and there is a lot of evidence of their existence, quite apart from the carnival barker nonsense pushed online about them…


  2. Archons?–do u have a ref.? It’s objective vs. subjective view, but this then can be further characterized as Truth vs. lies; satanism, led by Jews vs. Christianity. Christianity, as u might observe, actually has strong and distinct philosophic component–which Christ himself, of course, would only put in aestheticalist terms found and ref’d already in Old Test.


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