2 thoughts on “HERE IT IS – The “Go Fuck Yourself” Email from Senator Levonhjelm”

  1. LEYONHJELM should be able to sing a tune between his toes now because he’s foot is well and truly in his foul mouth.
    Can you whistle dixie for me Senator Leyonhjelm ?


    1. The lapdog media have literally -not figuratively- NO standards, but even so, should Leyonhjelm really be allowed to write articles for “major” “newspapers”?

      Sure, the sad old men at Catallaxy will give him a gig, but media with pretensions of legitimacy, already denigrating themselves by publishing unindicted coconspirators like richardson, need to think harder about whether “Lucky” Leyonhjelm is publication fit.

      (Hint: no, he isn’t.)


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