Jû jin yuki otoko / Abominable Snowman (1955) Reviewed


Jû jin yuki otoko (transl. “Abominable Snowman”, 1955) was director Ishirō Honda’s seventh film and his second monster genre movie after Gojira (1954). Many of the same people who worked on Gojira also worked on “Snowman”, including Toho producer Tomoyuki Tanaka, writers Takeo Murata and Shigeru Kayama, and technical effects maestro Eiji Tsuburaya. The creature makeup/suit was designed by Toshinori Oohasi. Jû jin yuki otoko is best known today as an unavailable film and a very early entry into the abominable snowman filmography. It is listed by wikipedia as being banned in Japan. The original film is excruciatingly difficult to find and I suspect Toho’s lawyers do an adept job at keeping it off the convention and bootleggers circuit. I managed to view the film on loan as a 94 minute, Time Coded Recording from a Japanese Toho Video (tape) source. The Americanized film Half Human can be found

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