Exodus: Gods and Kings (MOVIE REVIEW)


Good news! This movie isn’t nearly as aberrant from the source material as Noah was. But this still isn’t the scriptural adaption you’ve been waiting for. With Exodus: Gods and Kings director Ridley Scott sets out to retell the classic tale of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egyptian enslavement with the help of God, for our modern age viewing experience. Aside from the skeleton idea found in the scriptures, many creative liberties were taken, and not once did they enhance the film. As you might expect, it fails miserably. Spoilers for this film and the Book of Exodus to follow.

The scriptural account indicates that Moses’ was educated in all the knowledge of the Egyptians, as he was adopted into Pharaoh’s own household. Whether this included military strategy and the art of warfare, is never explained, but it could easily be conjectured. The film starts off with Moses fighting…

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