One thought on “#Flight8501 : Are we looking at an asian #BermudaTriangle?”

  1. Flying-Tiger Aesthetic Poses Questions–Is This The Purpose?

    Tiger: ck

    This (latest incident) is just ANOTHER false-flag which they’re no doing over and over and over and over–u need to get wise. Ck

    Do u begin to seeing the program?–these are all false-flags by ZOG, consolidating world dictatorship–get a clue, buddy.

    I actually agree, muzzies belong in muzzie-land, BUT WHO do u think is bringing and putting these aliens in our lands?–JEWS JEWS JEWS JEWS JEWS JEWS JEWS.

    And further, WHO do u think are closest Jewwy allies, collaborators, accomplices, and co-conspirators?–they’re “Judeo-Christian” puke and hereticalists–these on the “right.” Then on the “left,” u got a smaller minority of communists, queers, et al. In the middle of the these two “poles” are the morons, fools, scum, and air-heads who barely know their behinds fm holes-in-the-ground.

    So yes, it is “enemy action,” as u say–BUT u gotta figure out the REAL “enemies” and the hierarchy they’re part of–it begins w. Jews, never doubt.

    I often wonder how it is u so often, easily overlook this about the great SATANIC “matrix” we’re up against, master-minded NECESSARILY by Jews at the top, though of course, and obviously, there MUST be others who go along, who help MASK and abet these masterminds, sowing dis-info, confusion, etc.

    U seem to have a good, potent, artistic (aestheticalist) mentality, but continue to stumble on this basic satanist problem. Note, if u continue to insist upon complexity against simplicity, u just make things incomprehensible for the people–and what good is that sort of “art”? Art should rather make things clear–am I right?–or am I mistaken? That’s why ur sort of art is so enigmatic, wrapped within a riddle, enclosed within a puzzle–at least sometimes.


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