Tricksters and Disney Dollars

Family Legends

Submitted by Cameron Johnson, who is a freelance writer and editor in Vancouver, B.C. He would love to cash in on a Disney debt someday.

Charlie Chaplin Look-alike Contest

A number of my relatives were interesting characters. According to family lore, one was a bit of a conman and used to ride the rails during the Depression, swindling folks along the way. He would carry a dead fly around with him, go to high-end restaurants and, when he’d eaten half a meal, he’d strategically place the fly and then cause a scene. He got many a complimentary meal using this tactic.

Another, a great-great uncle, I believe, is alleged to have had a particularly colourful CV. For starters, he was a magician. He left a trunk of magic tricks/equipment to my dad, so that’s true, at least. I used to play with the stuff when I was a kid. And it’s also said he worked…

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