Defining the Crime

RAMIREZ: Yeah, any type of sacrifices or contacting the spirits, you’re dealing with things that are very delicate—and dangerous. I myself am no warlock, I’m not a wizard. I’m not one of these types of individuals that knows his witchcraft from A to Z. but, I have read of instances where people end up getting killed and…u…arrested for tampering with the wrong demons and not using the right types of…uh…the right process of sacrifices and the right types of rituals. You have to know what you’re doing. Everything from ropes to chalices—


Now that we know all the background on what happened in this case, as laid out in the “Understanding the Crime” post, we can decide what sort of individual committed this crime.

To summarize our conclusions from that post, the facts led us to these conclusions.

We know that this was the crime scene and not a dump site.

We know that the victims were likely sexually assaulted.

We know the killer didn’t bring anything to tie the victims up with and instead improvised, by using the shoe laces.

We know that the victims were likely attacked with sticks, being beaten over the head. This would suggest that the killer also acquired a weapon at the crime scene. These injuries would also likely suggest a blitz style attack.

We know Michael Moore had likely tried to flee.

We know the victims died from multiple types of injuries.

We know…

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