One thought on “Western Society and Muslim Demographics”

  1. Never Forget: History Is CYCLIC; Things Must Continue To Degenerate In Spenglerian “Decline Of West”

    Tiger: I can tell u’re very passionate about this subject, and I don’t blame u at all. After all, it’s OBVIOUSLY idiotic and utterly stupid having these muzzies in our Christian lands–goes without saying, I think.

    BUT–u gotta also look and consider HOW it happened–didn’t and don’t we (well, not me, but others) tolerate kikes?–aren’t these scummy, filthy, psychopaths and murdering criminals infinitely worse than muzzies?–I think so.

    So if u have putrid filth, known as Jews, infesting ur land in the first place, is it any wonder u’re gonna have–such as the musselmen?

    The way I understand it–and if u just ck my article here, on ur site, Nov. 14,, u’ll see that (a) hist. is CYCLIC, and (b) we’re well into Spenglerian “Decline of the West,” whence things degenerate practically non-stop till the ultimate collapse–UNLESS we can suddenly, somehow REVIVE our culture, as St. Constantine the Great episode of early 4th cent. Roman empire.

    But until that cathartic moment, remember: things MUST necessarily, in the determined course (following process of cause-effect) of things, CONTINUE to degenerate–and the muzzies infestation is just one of those sad things that have to happen–along w. homosexuals having evermore power and access to the societies’ children, etc.


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