De Suspiria Profundis: Terry O’Quinn on LOST

He made me realise something. Only the very best comedians can do that.


IGN: That history, when it was revealed, was quite complex, yes? So how do you handle that?

O’Quinn: Yes. Well, then you say, “I should have been doing this all along. I should have been playing it this way.” It was like that one example in Lost. There was a scene they shot where, early on, Locke wakes up from the plane crash, wiggles his toes and stands up. Then he runs and helps Jack pull someone up. Well, I didn’t know at that time I was supposed to be in a wheelchair. I would have run differently had I known that. But in the end, I let the audience handle those problems. It’s kind of like, “Well, what if your history turns up later?” That means you would have — I mean, the writers, that’s their problem… If it’s in the script I do it. If it’s not, I don’t worry about it.

4 thoughts on “De Suspiria Profundis: Terry O’Quinn on LOST”

  1. What Is Quality Of Art?–What’s “Art” In First Place?

    Tiger: ur page’s left-hand column is a disaster–u’ve got crap written over other stuff–what’s the idea? Good grief.

    U’re making the typical mistake of beginning “artists”–making ur work SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO complex (and/or just CLUTTERED) it’s now impossible to even observe–a cardinal sin. U just make it difficult on the eyes. U should err on side of SIMPLICITY–get rid of that stupid junk written over the other stuff on left-hand side–or put it somewhere else for its own place.

    Give ur readers/viewers a break, for goodness sakes–have some respect for us. All u’re doing is causing consternation and annoyance for ur presuming upon our patience and effort–why would anyone want to look too carefully or strenuously through all the crap?–why do u do this?

    Remember: it’s Jews who typically HAVE NO RESPECT for audience, in all their typical narcissism and contempt for “the goyim” (cattle). Quit ur pretending u’re smarter than us–u might be, but it’s not good idea to rub our face in it, u know. Is it suddenly some accomplishment to turn-off people fm looking–just looking–at ur stuff? What did we ever do to u?

    The proper effect of art lies in ABSTRACTION whence something–some idea, notion, or object–is emphasized, or pt’d-out, or isolated for someone’s observation and then thought–it sticks in the mind, causing one to ponder, think, analyze, etc.


      1. Thanks–it’s much easier and simpler for us that way, u know–u already have/had a good site–u should have some confidence in the basic substance of ur work. If u’re against socialism, u can’t be all bad, eh?

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