A nation can survive its fools, but not the enemy within. -Cicero

The Muslim Issue

Twelve hours after the Lindt Cafe hostage crisis in Sydney began to unfold, Australians have flooded social media with “sentiments of solidarity and support” of Muslims in the community. A pity Muslims don’t do the same to the communities they persecute.

Twitter user Sir Tessa began what has become a worldwide phenomenon, offering to sit next to members of the Islamic faith on transport if they were frightened to be seen in public wearing religious clothing.

The ‘I’ll ride with you’ hashtag #I’llridewithyou has garnered over 112,000 mentions across social media, with people all over the world jumping on board the movement in an effort to turn the terrifying events of Monday into “something positive”.

After Sir Tessa noticed a “disturbing trend of anti-Muslim sentiments”, he wrote to those on his regular bus ‘wear religious attire, & don’t feel safe alone: I’ll ride with you’.

The hashtag was soon picked…

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