Iranian “refugee”, Manteghi Bourjerdi (AKA Sheik Man Haron Monis, pictured), walked free on bail into the Lindt cafe and left his filthy, indelible mark on Australia.

Last year Penrith Local Court Magistrate, Darryl Pearce, gave the unhinged Iranian cleric, along with his accomplice, bail despite being charged with accessory to the murder of his ex wife and setting her on fire, hand delivering filthy letters to widows of fallen Australian soldiers and 40 counts of sexual assault.

If you’re a mad Muslim supporting ISIS and Al Queda and up on the most heinous of multiple charges it appears that Australia is the place to be.

The Left leaning judiciary can claim responsibility for almost forty murders committed since 1980 by people either set free on bail, given ridiculously low sentences or where parole boards had released those deemed “likely to re-offend” back into the community.

Australia not only offers free money and a wonderful lifestyle to its Islamic refugees, it offers them freedom to molest Aussie women and children, freedom to threaten our lives, freedom to give comfort to our enemies and free legal aid to keep them out of jail.

The “sheik’s” offer was one freed hostage in return for an ISIS flag and five freed hostages for a chat with Tony Abbott (Tony should feel chuffed about that). The offers of course were refused.

Islamic leaders rushed to condemn the “sheik”, after all, this was more of a personal matter, but when it involves the despicable teachings of the Koran, the silence is deafening.

The rare Muslim leader who denounces the vile prophecy of Islam lives in fear for his life.

Media’s Left will try to distance this atrocity from Islam. Just watch, they will talk of an isolated incident from a “lone wolf”, a one-off madman who has no connection to Islam and they will thank the Islamic community for their sympathy and go their merry way.

But it wasn’t a Baptist incident and it wasn’t a Buddhist or Presbyterian incident, no… it was yet another in an endless line of Islamic incidents that end in lost lives of non-Muslims. How many more “isolated” incidents will it take before we condemn them as “Islamic atrocities”?

This Islamic activist went into that coffee shop in the full knowledge he was about to die and he was determined to take Australian lives with him.

Muslims don’t place the same value on life that we do. They live in an ethereal world of after-life rewards for martyrdom, where decapitating non-Muslims and debasing women is honorable, where raping young girls is lawful.

If Aussies want to feel safe when going for a coffee in future then the Islamic scourge must be faced, named, dealt with and eradicated. It is so alien to our way of life it can never fit in, we can never be their friends. Assimilation of Muslims, like everywhere else in the West, is an impossibility.

We are at war with Islam, yet neither the Premier nor the Prime Minister, nor even the Police Commissioner, could bring themselves to utter the words “terrorism” or “Islam”


  1. Tiger, this whole incident is quite possibly mere false flag–why would anyone w. half a brain NOT work w. anti-ZOG and patriot movements and organizations, rather than doing stupid crap which plays into hands of ZOG? Ck

    “3.) Monis Served US/NATO/West’s Interests As Propaganda Tool Against Iran

    “Before Monis became the star of Sunday evening/Monday morning news, he served as a convenient agent of propaganda against the government of Iran, itself a major target of NATO and the West.

    “As Tony Cartalucci writes,

    “But before Monis/Boroujerdi’s recent run-ins with the law and his role as chief “Muslim boogeyman” in Australia, he was “Manteghi Boroujerdi,” a “victim” of the “Iranian regime” who was in love with Western society.

    “Australia’s ABC in its “Religion Report” dated January 31, 2001, introduced Monis/Boroujerdi as follows:

    “…while in Sydney we talk to Ayatollah Manteghi Boroujerdi, an Iranian cleric espousing a liberal brand of Islam – dangerously liberal, as his views have led to his wife and two daughters being held hostage in Iran.

    “The interview itself is used as yet another vehicle to carry along Western propaganda long-aimed at Iran. It claims Monis/Boroujerdi’s family is in grave danger and that Monis/Boroujerdi himself would be executed should he ever return to Iran. It quotes Monis/Boroujerdi several times including claims he was formally associated with Iranian intelligence:

    “In Iran, mostly I have been involved with the Ministry of Intelligence and Security.

    “And was in contact with the UN regarding security issues in Iran:

    “”…more than four years I have not seen my family, and the Iranian regime doesn’t let them come out. In fact I can say they are hostage; as a hostage the Iranian regime wants to make me silent, because I have some secret information about government, and about their terrorist operations in the war. I sent a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and somebody on behalf of Mr Kofi Anan sent the answer, and they want to do something. I have hope and always I pray and ask God to solve my problem.””


  2. I don’t think it was a false flag. I think the islamic thug who did it was a police informer. And I don’t necessarily understand or accept the police version of who shot who, other than the hero civilian trying to disarm the islamofag.

    Real questions need to be asked why catherine byrne, yet another unqualified affirmative action hire, was drifting around for seventeen hours, and how exactly the chain of command worked yesterday.

    Uninformed people are saying how tough it would be for the police yesterday to judge whether the islamofag had accomplices or bombs, etc. but in this day and age that just isn’t true. FLIR, X-Rays, bomb sniffing technology, even magnetic resonance, various angles of shot including through the roof after they evacuated the upper floor and direct testimony from escaped hostages all gave police intelligence on it.

    I think the delay in rescue was entirely political. Disagraceful.


    1. We’ll see–I’ll bet nearly anything it was staged false-flag–there are distinct signs, u must admit.

      Of course, it’s obvious Muslims have no business being in Christian country, naturally, but who did that?–JEWS JEWS JEWS JEWS JEWS.


  3. This whole “incident” smells like another scam false-flag psy-ops. See Here’s another good analysis,

    See tiger, the way the fakey Jews-media sets things up w. this guy, man haris monis, so prominent–they’re making a big-deal of things, setting things up for later. It’s way they want to “legitimize” ISIS which is PROVEN, total creation of CIA/MOSSAD/Saudis.

    Yes, it’s anti-Musselman, that’s why they have the accompanying sympathy for Musselmen thing going at same time–but they want to emphasize, hey, watch out for terrists (ho ho ho), and “lone nuts,” etc.

    They knew this guy, Monis, was weird fm the first, so they made an Imam out of him, w. the turban, etc., fakey fakey fakey.


  4. Wow, tiger, u-tube took-down freeRadioRevolution’s entire site.

    Tiger: did u catch the OBVIOUS false-flag job in Pakistan, about the terrible “terrists” going and shooting over a hundred school-kids?–isn’t this OBVIOUS ploy to justify torture?–such a horrible mass-murder?–isn’t it JUST what ZOG would do?–perfectly designed for the morons of our culture?–esp. the “Judeo-Christian” puke.


    1. Above noted (extended) discussion is very good, tiger, well worth ur time to listen to–EVERYTHING screams fake fake fake fake fake–false-flag, all the way.


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