Australian police can’t figure out ‘motivation’ behind devout Muslims terrorism

#islamodelendaest #sydneysiege it isn’t difficult to understand- unless your job depends on you NOT understanding. PC police, lapdog media, traitorous political class… The usual suspects strike again. #whitegenocide #WarOnTheAngloSaxons



and it ends as predicted in omnishambles. Catherine Byrne, NSW’s answer to Christine Nixon, had full rein for hours with pathetic press conferences, PC shit like #illridewithyou gets promulgated by the lapdog media, as 17 hostages cower in fear and darkness.

The islamic dog who took the hostages could have and should have been shot dead as soon as the police had a target – 16 hours before the atrocity ended in shambles.

Modern technology that was or should have been in use could have confirmed there were no explosives. At that point he should have been called on to surrender- or had his head blown off.

But no, it gets turned into a mouth breather media circus, another opportunity for towelhead grand standing and ultimately the media narrative and PC police bullshit gets two innocent people killed and more injured.

Now wait for the dickheads responsible to get medals.

Meanwhile the only people “saved” during the siege made their own escape and saved themselves.

And now we will all be made to suffer the political-bureaucrat-journalist class as they cover up the scum who let the criminal into the country, the Court scum who let him free again and again after serious crimes and the politicians who are so dedicated to the UN, Rhodes Scholar socialist worldview that they cheerfully sacrifice people on the altar of internationalism, mass immigration and white genocide.

This siege is a disgrace, and hopefully the tipping point.


The Muslim Issue

Dozens of people are being held hostage by a terrorist who stormed into a central Sydney cafe with a gun and forced crying women to hold a black Islamic flag up to the window

The motive is right in front of their eyes but they can’t figure it out. The black flag in the window is loud and clear: “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger”. The devout Muslim demanded his hostages to hang his message in the window to show to everyone who and what is behind the act.

Wonder how many left-wingers are amongst the hostages. Are they worried about Islamophobia right now? Do they want more rights for him and less criticism of Islam? Bet you they’ve change their mind a bit after what they’ve been through.

It’s a pity they insist to live in denial. If they would just allow themselves to think straight and be more honest, terrorism would not have to become an everyday part of their future.

The motivation is simple: Islam. The motivation is the morbid pleasure they get to terrorise non-Muslims…

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