Pin Up Challenge – #ContestofHotness

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You mighta seen my friend Flying Tiger’s entry in our pin-up competition today….

It was an Irish redhead holding a glass of Guinness.

Now, that’s just fighting dirty, man.

How am I supposed to beat three of my most favorite things in the world all featured in one picture ?????

I got it.


These are vintage pin up decals for cocktail glasses.

Once applied to a suitably tall and clear Collins style glass,

The girls in the decals on the front face of the glass show themselves fully dressed,

( Top Row )

But if you look through the rear of the glass,
… you’ll see an even more interesting view….

(Bottom Row )

They were painted by Alberto Vargas around 1947.

Methinks I win again. 😀

 Jen at Blog It or Lose It sent me this very fun link to a YouTube video that features vintage pin-ups with some Rockabilly music.

Thanks, Jen !!!! 🙂

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