One thought on ““She Couldn’t Breathe” – The Brutal Murder of 19 Year Old Jessica Lane Chambers…. (With Video) *updated*”

  1. Particular Instance Demonstrates Sickness Of Large Culture

    Yes tiger, in this case we have a stupid whore who got what she was asking for, it would very much seem. Her scummy parents no doubt had a lot to be blamed for.

    Race-mixing sucks and is abomination, but this dumb broad thought she was smarter than everyone else and imagined she’d dally w. baboons.

    This sort of baboon violence against stupid whites who like to tantalize the animals at the zoo is something aside fm the blacks taught by the Jews to consider whites owe them, etc., and go out to attack whites.

    Thus the Jews are allowed to manipulate things cultural by means esp. of Jews’ control of the criminal banking enterprise, just literally legalized COUNTERFEITING. In order for Jews to preserve their criminal monopoly they foment this sort of in-fighting among the gentiles, willingly partaken in by the usual dupes, fools, traitors, and scum of all races.

    Thus we see the natural, CYCLIC course of history: populations succeed by means of original heroes of the pioneer generation(s), BUT, as in Roman example, inevitably breed-up masses of INFERIORS and weaklings who are thereupon victimized by criminals and hence the very ultimate, master criminals like Jews, making use of that legalized COUNTERFEITING scam mechanism–as we see presently.

    Now we must have, I think, the culmination of “Decline of the West,” by Spengler, the weaklings killed-off to make way for survival of a remnant who might now be afforded an opportunity to begin civilization again.

    Meantime, patriots must work for unity of real patriots, esp. by means of BEGINNING w. the emotions/sentiment, and we have excellent example of anti-semitic Christianity–the REAL Christianity (worship of TRUTH, as Gosp. JOHN 14:6)–as of our dear St. Constantine the Great, who revived, at least briefly, the declining empire at the time.

    As long as the currency, esp. US Dollar, remains “reserve” currency Christian revival will be difficult, but still possible, never doubt. For remember: Christianity is necessarily, essentially anti-Semitic, and if not anti-Semitic, it ain’t Christianity.


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