Sixth of the Dusk (NOVELLA REVIEW)


If you were to ask me to list off my favorite authors from the top of my head, one of, if not the first, names I’d throw down would certainly be Brandon Sanderson. Which is strange when you think of it. Including this novella, I’ve read but three of his works. But that, to me anyway, is paramount to my appreciation. Brandon Sanderson is a legend at worldbuilding, a master of fantasy literature, an author that stands on par with George R. R. Martin in terms of quality, and one who stands in a field all his own in terms of sheer output. The guy releases a handful of books and shorts a year. Some of those being giant 1000 page tomes. Sixth of the Dusk is a novelette, part of the Shadows Beneath: The Writing Excuses Anthology.

So how does Sixth of the Dusk stand? In terms of…

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One thought on “Sixth of the Dusk (NOVELLA REVIEW)”

  1. Geek Forgot To Tell Us WHY Read Sanderson’s Work

    Well tiger, I read the geek’s so-called “review,” such as it is, but I must note–again–the geek is all about STYLE, substance (as I understand it) not being too important for him–which is all cool, u understand, diff. strokes for diff. folks. But I will say I was NOT impressed or even slightly interested for his “critique.”

    By “substance” I means something in more traditional form of a meaningful PLOT, u know–like what actually happens, and what are the ideals, principles, topics, involved for conflict?–can they (such ideals, etc.) relate w. our present human condition?–it doesn’t seem like it if circumstances and conditions of everyday life are sooooooo diff.

    Is there any pt. to reading the book in question, by Sanderson?–or is just something that “cool people” do, reading such stuff? A “trilogy of trilogies”?–so what would be the pt.?–how is it anything of an innovation?–how, for example would it differ fm Sir Walter Scott’s Waverly novels?–or the Hardy Boys series?–the geek doesn’t tell us, and I wonder why, ho ho ho.

    Seriously, it’s like geek is saying, whooooooooooooo, read this cool book–why?–because it’s cool thing to do–why?–well, all the cool people, who are really cool, do, ho ho ho ho ho–notice the circular-reasoning?

    I must admit, though, I’m still prejudiced against the geek for his critique on that putrid movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy”–which I decided I hated just fm the idiot previews/trailer I saw–after all, trailers are supposed to make u WANT to see the movie–didn’t work for me, ho ho ho.

    So, in conclusion, I’d put this question: is there some reason we should read the book (by Sanderson)?–if so, then the geek could have told us why, eh?–or maybe the geek just has a lot of time on his hands?

    Incidentally, time is getting short for the economic crash up-coming and imminent–satanists are going to be ruthless as they KNOW if they’re not, they’re going up against the wall. I note fm some of ur postings, tiger, u rather observe ZOG here is seriously trying to gin-up race-war (not really succeeding, in all truth, though)–this is aside fm activities in Ukraine and Syria.


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