Jeepers Creepers, it’s Mothman!

We will see each other again in time.
Indrid Cold and Lanulos is NOTHING to do with Mothman.

Mystery of the Iniquity

Many stories have been told about experiences concerning this mysterious creature, being numerous or one single entity no one really knows. They claim these sightings surround disaster and deaths of horror. The incidents range from your normal citizen to even officials who have witnessed it, but nevertheless horrific. The accumulation of witnessed events have been told throughout the centuries but generate around disastrous worldwide events. It’s claim to fame brings Hollywood streaming in with a movie, which never claimed to solve the mysteries but added to it.
Mothman Encounter in Japan
I’m not sure if this is the appropriate time to come forward with this story seeing that the recent events in Japan are still fresh in every ones memory. I have been a follower of your website from pretty much the start; I have read your reports and have heard you online before. Naturally your site was the one…

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