An essential part of graduation for both Air Force and Naval DIA / NSA graduates is the Big Lie, a concept originally publicised in the 1920s and adopted as a gold standard by all hypnotist / propaganda experts.

Pushing an absurd position to breaking point is a form of hypnotic conditioning after which sensitivity to subliminals is common. It is the easiest way to train human minds to suppress, which is the necessary behaviour to allow manipulation by subliminals.





I worked for NASA and here’s the truth, here’s my story and the greatest deception the world will ever face: the earth, it’s size, it’s shape, all images they show you are not the truth… get ready , it’s going to be hard to swallow. This is my story as an artist faking your universe. My name is Math powerland.






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  1. Essence Of BIG-LIE Is Fooling Oneself, Out Of General Fear

    Tiger: see on the “Big Lie” and technique.

    “Big-Lie” is actually a huge, over-arching, heavily ABSTRACT lie or concept which is used to cover-up a monstrous fact, which fact itself might be fairly abstract.

    BUT, regardless, the “Big-Lie” works by means of the victim lying to (and “fooling”) himself/herself–FEARING to face a more ugly or devastating fact. Perfect example is “Muslims did 9/11”–fearing to face the real truth, i.e., that it was our own (Western) top “leadership” which was responsible–same goes for the OKC bombing of ’95, the WTC bombing of ’93, and ESPECIALLY JFK assassination, not to mention RFK assassination, etc.

    Imagine the parents of working-class families who fear to tell their own children that US gov., esp. specific people and agencies, was complicit in 9/11–the kids might then come-back to demand why their dear parents tolerate such criminality when the parents have always taught their kids to being so scrupulously honest and upright, etc. So the bewildered parents contrive then to fooling themselves, even if not entirely willingly–they still are too willing to accept the lies and prop. of the Jews-media.

    Irony is ZOG uses the big-lie general technique to foist “conspiracy-theories,” like that Muslims did 9/11, AND THEN HAS THE CHUTZPAH to say if u suspect ZOG or Jews, the real perp.s–THAT then is a “conspiracy theory.” Ho ho ho–note the joke is on the poor fools, victims, and suckers–WHO FOOL THEMSELVES, w. just a little intimidation fm such as the Jews-media–in fact, ESPECIALLY fm the Jews-media.

    Once the Jews, who lead the satanists, take over the culture by means of the monopolistic “central-banking” and funny money-supply, they then take-over the establishment religions and institutes, and religion becomes a matter of “BIG-LIE.” Thus we see establishment Christianity, once the bastion of anti-semitism, is now foremost politically-correct ally of Jews and, wonder of wonders, even homosexuals.

    Note then, things philosophic (called “metaphysics”) must begin w. choice btwn two possible ASSUMPTIONS at the base of all/any further chains of reasoning/logic: is reality (a) objective or (b) subjective? And note Western reason requires objectivity, whereas Jews, notorious haters of God, reason, and humanity insist upon subjectivism, their all-time and winning pretext being the fallacious “good-evil” to which children are so often suckers/victims–in way of guilt and inferiority-complex.

    Observe then how BIG-LIE necessarily begins w. premise of fear by which the suckers fool themselves–they don’t want to be “guilty” of anti-semitism, though Jews don’t mind if they’re anti-Muslim, for example.

    Here in USA, for another example, Jews-media has just gotten past a HUGE campaign to stoking intensive animosity btwn the races, as at Ferguson, Mo.–Jews-media wants to work on guilt-complex, encouraging the dark-skin races they’re owed by the “oppressive” whites, ho hoo ho ho ho ho.

    Thus Big-Lie is essentially based upon fear, getting the suckers to fool themselves–this, then in order to justify such as “patriot-act” by which citizens’ rights are taken by evermore oppressive police-state.

    Truth is all the “terrorism” is done by ZOG, Jews, MOSSAD–the satanists–this for purpose of evermore oppression against hated goyim, keeping the goyim fighting one another, etc.


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