‘Cure’ for global warming ‘terrifies’ British scientists who are testing it

A potential ‘cure’ which could reverse the effects of man-made global warming ‘would work’ researchers claim – but the scientists warn it is ‘terrifying’.

The ‘geoengineering’ proposal would pump small particles of sulphates into the upper atmosphere to reflect sunlight back into space.

Scientists know it will work, because it’s similar to what happens in volcanic eruptions – but if mankind deployed it artificially, it’s not clear if it could be controlled, or reversed.

Dr Matthew Watson of the University of Bristol said, ‘This stuff terrifies me. It is clear that temperatures could be reduced – but the potential for misstep is considerable.’

The researchers used volcanoes as models to mimic the effect of a solar geoengineering proposal, in which sulphate aerosols are pumped into the atmosphere to reflect more sunlight back into space.

Many other climate-change management proposals have relied on computer simulations to see if they will work.
Wonder what this limited hangout is really all about?

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