The Canberra Mafia. How and why the Australian Federal Government conceal corruption.

Nothing’s changed at the AFP – and now they’re to be given even more police state powers, even LESS supervision… Be afraid.

Kangaroo Court of Australia

Corruption in the Australian Federal Government is rife. That can not be disputed. The list of examples is a mile long and I have written about numerous incidents previously and will continue to do so.

Over the last couple of weeks Linton Besser of Fairfax Media has done a number of articles on the subject in the Sydney Morning Herald and I will focus on them in this post. The reason being is that I have written about corruption in the Federal Government is most of my posts to some degree or another but have never really gotten into how and why which Linton Besser covers. He also covers my pet hate, that being the Attorney General’s Department which covers the courts (judges and magistrates and Federal Police).

The first article Linton Besser wrote was on the 24/9/11 titled “Public service keeps fraud cases private”. The title says it all. It starts off:…

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