#JFK : Evidence of Revision. Until you watch this, you are uninformed.

Evidence of Revision is a 9 hour long documentary series whose purpose is to present the publicly unavailable and even suppressed historical audio, video, and film recordings largely unseen by the American public relating to the assassination of the Kennedy brothers, the little known classified Black Ops actually used to intentionally create the massive war in Viet Nam, the CIA “mind control” programs and their involvement in the RFK assassination and the Jonestown massacre and other important truths of our post-modern time.

The U.S. Government’s Orwellian Office of Public Diplomacy has been in existence in various forms and under various names since World War ONE. The union of American governance and American corporate interests began in Abraham Lincoln’s day and the massaging of public truth began even before the Roman Empire.

The more you know about real history versus official history, the better equipped you are to see behind the lies of our times, even as they are told to you. Some of us knew what was really happening even before the second plane hit the tower.

Episodes included:

  1. The Assassinations of Kennedy and Oswald,
  2. The Why of it all referenced to Viet Nam and LBJ,
  3. LBJ, Hoover and Others. What So Few Know Even Today,
  4. The RFK Assassination As Never Seen Before,
  5. The RFK Assassination Continued, MK ULTRA and the Jonestown Massacre,
  6. MLK Conspiratus.

2 thoughts on “#JFK : Evidence of Revision. Until you watch this, you are uninformed.”

  1. USA, West, & Entire World In Thrall Of COUNTERFEITING Scammers

    Tiger: u didn’t give URL for ur recommendation(s), but if they type-in “evidence of revision” for search engine, they’ll find it ok.

    Also, be sure to ck Gary King’s outstanding work–just type-in “JFK, Gary King.” James Fetzer, noted author on the subject (JFK) is also good–his site is RadioFetzer.blogspot.com. Fetzer actually demonstrates pretty conclusively there’s a picture of Oswald standing in the very door-way of TSBD (Tx. school book depository building) while the motorcade is passing.

    Mike Collins Piper highlights the Jews’ role in it all–something which is so much DELIBERATELY over-looked by the Jews-media–see “Final Judgment.”

    Most of all, people need to grasp the overwhelming power and control which is given by means of the foremost criminal enterprise, US Federal Reserve Bank (the “Fed”), which literally COUNTERFEITS the money-supply, legally. See Mises.org, RealityZone.com, and LewRockwell.com for expo on Fed, or ck G. Edward Griffin’s great book, “The Creature From Jekyll Island”–also there’s Murray Rothbard’s, “The Mystery of Banking.”

    Kennedy was viewed as “loose cannon” by Fed powers which decided to eliminate the problem–and they did it IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, in-ur-face, displaying their absolute, overwhelming power. Then they installed LBJ who conspired w. Israel to attack USS Liberty, again in BROAD DAYLIGHT, w. American flag waving for all to see–and again, they got away w. it, controlling (having bought and paid-for) all politicians, judges, bureaucrats, and Jews-media. When u control the money-supply, u control EVERYTHING and everyone, even Ron Paul having to worry about assassination.


    1. I’m reluctant to give a link to Evidence of Revision because two of the links I’ve found do NOT in fact have the truly complete versions, nor do they have the additional “rarities” episode- so I will leave people to chase them for themselves.


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