Once upon a time there was America

Once upon a time there was this country. It was the greatest country in recorded history. Like ancient Rome, it became a republic when it defeated its own king and threw him out of its land, never to return. This incredible country vowed that there would never again suffer a tyrant, let alone an usurper or a king. Some of this country’s states even had state mottos to this effect.

I keep wondering lately, whatever happened to that awe inspiring place. When I see or hear barry soetoro, I keep imagining what would have happened to such a grifter had he and those behind him ever tried to steal control of that amazing powerhouse nation.

One thought on “Once upon a time there was America”

  1. In This Stage Of Explicit, Overt Satanism, As Presently Expressed In Hip-Hop Music, We May Need A Miracle

    Of course, tiger, I cover this issue, here, this blog of urs, at ur earlier blog of a week ago, https://flyingtigercomics.wordpress.com/2014/11/14/guest-post-satanism-built-on-moralism/

    In short, remember, USA became Jew S A, America thus captured by foremost criminals, criminal conspiracy (US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING scam), Americans, flush and overcome w. success and “prosperity,” suffering HUBRIS, then suffer inevitable “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler, history being CYCLIC as it is determined, according to absolute cause-effect (no perfectly “free” will), following fm the objective nature of reality.

    USA was decisively killed in principle and spirit in the War btwn States (1861-5), becoming then an empire, the “victors” consolidating world dictatorship to this very day, but thoroughly, totally degenerate and even satanistic, I’m very, very sad to have to say.

    Only now the REAL Christianity, anti-semitic and rationalist–unlike the Judaized version we have now, featuring mystic “faith” of beleeeeeeeeeeevin’ (rather than the real thing, LOYALTY)–seems to have any chance for saving the situation–as in way of 4th cent. heroic Emperor St. Constantine the Great who revived the then moribund Roman emp. of the day, at least briefly. Lord save us, amen.


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