Examining 8 Themes from Doctor Who Series 8

8 Themes – each of which is at least related to a reason I hated Season 8. However, as always, 10/10 to Geekcritique- THE go-to review site. If you aren’t reading what is written over there- you are reading NOTHING. 🙂


Another year’s come and gone, and new Doctor Who seems to have just slipped on by. And like every season we choose our favorite episodes, get confused why others don’t like your favorite episodes, and complain on the web. Many enjoyed the season, many hated it. Some of the stronger episodes ended rather poorly. Some episodes with glaring plotholes or wonky science get overpraised, where other tighter-scripted stories are under appreciated. In some areas we got exactly what we wanted, in others exactly what was expected, and occasionally weren’t nearly as whelmed as we’d have liked.

But alas. This isn’t a scathing review of Series 8. Nor is it an outright appraisal. This is merely an examination of the many themes running throughout the season.

Doctor Number Twelve:
When it was originally announced over a year ago now that incumbent Doctor Matt Smith would be stepping away from the TARDIS…

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