Operation Mind Control: #DISC

” . . . When I came out of the service and went to work
for the government, I had a colonel assigned to me as a
bodyguard. When he retired I hired him,” he said, pointing
to his bodyguard. “He’s still with me, and that’s why we
have these . . .” He pointed to the .357 magnum—the
most powerful handgun in the world—strapped to his side
in plain sight.
“Who’re you worried about? The Russians? The Chinese?”
“Well, I’ll tell you. You can damned near put a pin in
the map anywhere you want. I got into military security
before the Second World War. I was just a kid. Over the
years I was assigned to thirty two different countries. So
you can draw your own conclusion.”
“But what you’ve been talking about is a political action,
The left wing’s mostly kids with
dreams. The right wing is usually retired military. They’re
hard. They’re trained. They’ve got arms. But if the right
wing took over right now, there would be just a military
dictatorship, and the military would find that its best plans
were not upset at all. I’m saying if a dictatorship took over.
Hell, we’ve got one right now, but it ain’t overt, it’s subtle.”
“You mean those twenty men you were talking about?” I
“Yeah . . . if the people of this country actually knew
that, they would say ‘no’ the next time they were asked to
go to Vietnam. We need the people behind us to fight a
war, and if they knew the true facts, who’s running things,
there wouldn’t be the following we’d need to defend the
country. That fact alone keeps the sham of politics and
‘free elections’ going.”

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