Is the John Keel website terrible by accident or design?

Whilst it’s good that John Keel has his own website, recording his intriguing life and giving insights into his many investigations, it is an uncategorised mess, and there is no rhyme or reason to what is posted, how or when.

The simple addition of an index, a catalogue and tags would help so much- especially because serious researchers and biographers could then use it as a genuine knowledge base.

I used to think it was just because an amateur was putting stuff up online, but compared to the coherent efforts to put online the Mae Brussell resources I wonder now whether there is some ego at work- the slow random drip drip approach means the great keeper of secrets can pretty much prolong the release of Keel documents forever- and in the process prevent his real legacy ever coming out. For example despite the interesting aspects to pointless minutiae and Keel’s aborted script writing career, is that what people search for after encountering Keel’s paranormal investigations? Of course not.

The Keel website needs to be properly organised and formatted and it MUST have labels and categories applied to all posts. Perhaps another reason not to do this is because it would show up how much non-Keel guff is excreted inbetween irreplaceable Keeliana.

Poor show.

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