A very Clinton Christmas

According to retired FBI agent Gary Aldrich, in his book, Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House, pg. 105-106, when First Lady Hillary Clinton was in charge of the White House Christmas tree, her idea of festive ornaments included crack pipes, condoms and various sex toys.

3 thoughts on “A very Clinton Christmas”

  1. Yes tiger, satanism is serious thing, absolutely raging in Jew S A, which u can confirm on part of “hip-hop” music, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and nowadays, a veritable bevy of these wannabe floozies.

    Satanism wants to mass-murder the people, as I’ve noted, and these scum are highly organized, never doubt.

    But little did we know it was existent even back then in the Clinton yrs–I remember reading the book, thinking it was just the usual corruption of crooked politicians regarding the Christmas tree


    1. No, with the Clintons it’s something more. Something… strange… to the unitiated. I have this personal bugbear though- Satanas is the Accuser- like a merciless prosecutor DA who loves his job. The nonhuman intelligence we’re all talking about is LUCIFER, the Belial, the evil one. Luciferianism is everywhere.

      The difference between satanism and Lucifer is what allows practising luciferians to laugh at accusations of “satanism” etc. and say in their usual duplicitous way “we’re not satanists”. Of course they aren’t! Theyre LUCIFERIANS! All the way back, and especially recently back to Annie Besant, Crowley, Blavatsky, and then forward to all those weirdos in the UN, Communism and even NASA.

      Sick stuff.


      1. The satanic Inversion Of Present-Day Western Culture Including Especially Dear, Precious Christianity And Rationalism Itself

        Ok, but I thought it was first Lucifer the angel, who corrupted then to satan (the “adversary”), the hubris-filled, would-be, wannabe god.

        Note the essential item for satanism (as it’s understood, I presume) is SUBJECTIVISM–the idea that the only reality is within one’s mind. In case of Jews, it’s a COLLECTIVE subjectivism whence the lower-level Jews submit to their master-mind rabbis.

        Thus we suffer in a general atmosphere of “Fear of the Jews”–in the “politically-correct” anti-culture, including a massive ennui, apathy, and worship of hedonist sense-gratification, addiction to TV, entertainment, sports, etc., the practical leadership then being satanists, the real Christians who are rationalists merely a small minority.

        Note tiger: the great trick these satanists have pulled-off is, first and most, the Judaization of the real Christianity, this at least in the minds of most people, surely, people having forgotten the real Christianity, worship of truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), the Holy Spirit then including REASON, necessarily, the means of apprehending such TRUTH (= Christ), truth indicating the OBJECTIVE reality in opposition to Jew subjectivism.

        “Truth” only makes sense in an objective reality–for in subjectivism it’s anything u want it to be.

        Thus the public, establishment Christianity has taken on a putrid MYSTIC overtone, extolling then NOT truth or reason, but rather mystic “faith” of “believing”–whereas the real Christian “faith” only means LOYALTY, not “believing.”

        For observe in the Christian objective world, “believing” isn’t necessary, only reason is, along w. honesty and integrity, these being principle parts of Holy Spirit, including LOYALTY.

        Only in Judaic subjectivism–which only exists within the mind–is such “faith” of “believing” necessary–but this Judaic “faith” has now been taken-on by establishment Christianity.

        Thus present-day satanism naturally hates and detests reason and everything associated, esp. justice, Christianity, and all other rationalist-associated values, satanism rather extolling fear and obedience, etc.


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