SJW Cannibal Feeding Frenzy

Monster Hunter Nation

Personally, I love when SJWs begin to eat each other.

So this article has been making the rounds, and I’ve repeatedly been asked to comment on it.

Apparently a member of the literati SJW army—and super prestigious Campbell nominee for BEST NEW WRITER—has turned out to be a huge internet troll, with a bunch of aliases, attacking and tormenting people. Of course, those of you who read this blog or followed Sad Puppies are like, duh… They attack and torment Larry, and anybody who agrees with him nonstop, but no my friends… Benjanun Sriduangkaew did the unthinkable and used their regular SJW tactics of threats, insults, intimidation, and career sabotage against fellow SJWs, and that is super badthink!

Now, when you threaten, intimidate, troll, and try to sabotage the career of anybody who disagrees with the Social Justice narrative, then that is doubleplus good! Try not to get confused.

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2 thoughts on “SJW Cannibal Feeding Frenzy”

    1. Support? I don’t have any interest in who any of the actors in this online psychodrama happen to be. It’s the car crash I am interested in, to the extent it is mapping boundaries to online barbarism- from whatever source.


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