Jesus never existed, Elvis did, people see both of them plus space aliens and The Shadow

I’ve been looking at the subject of persistent convincing hallucinations for a long time now, for several reasons.

One of the reasons is that during my time at university, and for a short period years later, I was part of deliberate scientific experiments to channel nonhuman intelligences and obtain data from them- in other words, to get useable military intelligence from demonic possession.

The experiments exactly match the Puharich and Keel experiences- yes, you can get some information that is not available through conventional means; yes, some of this information is fantastically valuable; no, wherever these answers come from can’t be trusted.

There’s a good case for saying that these answers come from within the mind of the subject, no demonology or space aliens required. There’s as much evidence, controvertible though it is, that there is something beyond the self that provides answers… Sometimes.

It’s a bit like trying to see something that’s out of focus- it occasionally swims into focus, and at other times it’s so out of focus as to be surrealistic swirls. If what you’re looking at changes frequently, you’re in the realm of balanced probabilities as to what you’ve seen and when. It’s difficult to objectively measure success in such an environment.

A real example.

A channelling session provided arab nicknames and phrases translated into English. These phrases matched to words that a separate unknown desk was collecting. And the desk was dealing with the same serious topic – same exact topic – as the channelling session, with neither knowing about the other at the time. The ultimate boss of both channelling and desk knew about both operations; no one lower than that person did. The channelling also provided details about an underground base in a target country. The contents of that underground base were moved across the border to another country just before our forces mounted major conclusive operations. But the intelligence was confirmed on the ground- there really was a sophisticated underground base as described in the channelling session.

However, the items in question had been moved- our forces have photographed them being moved via satellite but we never got out nubbies on them. Success or failure? Impossible for the politician involved to claim a success even though we stopped a dictator from using them, since when he was forced to move them they were moved out of play. Also the politician can’t reveal the source of such intelligence- not even by agency, let alone the bit about demon possession being the source of the original tips.


What intrigued me for years on a related topic was how channelling sessions would produce figures from late antiquities- Mithras cult type beings, pagan gods, and odd early christian / jewish fictional figures.

As unacceptable as it is to claim alien abduction, it is radically out of fashion to claim, as was once common, that one is in telepathic or dream contact with spirit guides, Elvis, Disney characters, atlanteans, ancient egyptians and so on.

And yet there is as much or more evidence for the “unacceptable” or “The Damned” excluded data as Charles Fort called it as there is for safe and somewhat reassuring aliens and UFOs and abductions. I say somewhat reassuring because alien paradigm nonsense fits current mainstream prejudices – and lapdog media entertainent – than Elvis or ghosts or red indian chiefs or ancient egyptians.

Based on my own experiences with controlled experiments and practical use for intel gathering purposes, it’s safer to see the phenomenon in terms of:

1. it’s either our own minds dissociating or nonhuman intelligence;

2. whatever it is, it’s like a bunch of actors who can dress and act in radical different ways from experience to experience. But from time to time under all the makeup you suddenly realise you recognise the actor from a previous role;

3. the phenomenon is not omniscient. God’s not omniscient for that matter- it was just a bunch of horseshit invented in late antiquity that started claiming that;

4. the phenomenon can see into what we call the past and the future, but again, like seeing in infrared or ultraviolet having different vision powers doesn’t make it God, godlike or even generally superior to us;

5. the phenomenon engages the imagination and the memory of the subject. When information is given it forms as though it were a memory; as this false memory (which might contain genuine new information) forms, the subject’s imagination is used to clothe the new data, somehow making it familiar to the human who receives it. Most people lack the discipline and willpower to get “clean” information; if they fail to use sufficient discipline as the answers come from… wherever… the data comes in stilted language and with a lot of colour- ie stage tricks, costume drama and other assorted bullshit.

6. in addition to the inner self or nonhuman intelligence whatever it is, there are DEFINITELY humans and groups of humans out there who have long since learned the tricks of hypnosis and telepathy and can hijack the experience with “enemy transmissions”. And some of them can do it so well that their “fake” experience feels as “real” as the “genuine” channelling.

7. Imagination fuels the experience, like a rocket getting you to orbit. Once you’re orbiting, stop using the rocket. IE, if you leave your imagination running after contact has been made, you get no useful information just an awesome amount of confabulation. Along with this confabulation there is ALWAYS this persistent attempt to actualise from the “other side”- an agenda to manifest their bizarro theatrical fascism in the physical world. Whether it’s space aliens, atlanteans, ancient egyptians, whoever- they quickly hijack the process, promise the universe but push a very anti-human and fascist agenda. Sure, they talk peace and love; but they also talk wholesale destruction and massacres.


6 thoughts on “Jesus never existed, Elvis did, people see both of them plus space aliens and The Shadow”

  1. Nature Of Reality: Objective Or Subjective?

    WHAT?–Ho ho ho ho ho. Soooooooooooooooooooooo what are u attempting to trying to endeavoring to saying here?–anything? Ho ho ho ho ho ho

    But let’s go to ur “real example,” above–u ADMIT there was no way to confirm what u were “imagining,” etc., for purposes of the same old “secrecy.” BUT then u tell us that sources on the ground verified ur imaginings, the other side picked-up on being spotted and moved, etc. U told us one group didn’t know what the other was doing, but yet ur efforts were confirmed, regardless, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    So, in sum, what u’re saying is that by means of imagination, u imagined there was “something” which was then confirmed–great work, ho ho ho ho ho–how unusual is this, really? And question is, as always, what’s it really worth, all this glorified imagination? Ho ho ho ho ho

    And what else did u say?–that imagining things intensively enough, u imagined it was all real? Ho ho ho ho–is that really so unusual?–aren’t there lots of people throughout hist. who’ve done the same?–they just used drugs and other less expensive, less elaborate methods, right?

    So what did u accomplish?–pretending that pretending can make pretending seem real? Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho–lots of people have done that already, all throughout hist., right?

    All I’d conclude fm ur account is that we in the West sure had a lot of money to be wasted upon ridiculous “endeavors,” “experiments,” etc.–and that money sure was wasted–I hope we had lots of fun as we continue to descending into endless recession, starvation coming soon after imminent bankruptcy whence we’ll all be taking orders fm Chinese people, evidently.

    Remember that old philosophic controversy regarding the nature of reality–is it all just in our heads?–according to Plato, greatest of the subjectivists, and then carried on fm that time by all the moralists (Pharisaists) pretending and insisting upon “good-evil,” the latest of note being Immanuel Kant (late 18th, early 19th cent).

    For it’s this “good-evil” delusion (subjectivism) that keeps people most animated, for real, practical purposes, even to this day. And the fraud of central-banking, like the US Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of England, and ECB, IMF, etc., ARE ALL BASED UPON THIS FICTION AND WISH-FUL THINKING, glorified as “imagination,” never doubt.

    The fictional “terrorists” and “al Qaeda” are imaginary products and make-shifts which keep the neo-cons and Jews in power, mass-murdering poor people of other lands, soon the citizens of our own Western countries too.

    And don’t doubt people in our own countries have already had civil rights taken, a fascist police-state put in place, the people being slow-killed by means of poison vaccines, foods, and food-additives, and many other things too (depleted uranium, and electronic wave damage fm cell-phones, etc.).

    Alternative to subjectivism is the Aristotelian objective reality confirmed by means of sense-perception, BUT the problem is there’s no “good-evil” (as everything then is in accord w. cause-effect, there being no perfectly “free” will to manipulate reality) by which to psych the children, “good” being obedience, “bad” being non-obedience, and too many people don’t like it–they’d rather be deluded, pretending they’re “good” (Pharisaism)–it’s how the Jew rule, and they’re not going to give it up.


    1. Yes, it was basically the point that something that could have been entirely “pretend” correlated closely with reality.

      So often there seems to be this anticipation of things- imagination first, then what is called reality. Makes me wonder.


  2. Wait, does profanity get sent to the moderation queue?

    I’ll take James Nicoll’s “80s style beeper” over this bloated wreck any day.


    1. I don’t think it’s a profanity filter issue, it’s just when you first comment your comment is held for approval. Now you’ve been “approved” your comments will more or less show up automatically from what I can see.


  3. flyingtigercomics
    November 11, 2014 at 7:49 pm

    Yes, it was basically the point that something that could have been entirely “pretend” correlated closely with reality.

    So often there seems to be this anticipation of things- imagination first, then what is called reality. Makes me wonder.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Well tiger, that’s the entire pt. to that part of philosophy called “metaphysics” (first philosophy, according to Aristotle), the very first, most basic premises–which premise(s) have to be assumption, not capable of proof–since, of course, they’re first premise(s) upon which any/all subsequent conclusions are based.

    And that first, basic issue is nature of reality–objective or subjective (“I think therefore I am”)–this has to be assumption as it can’t be PROVEN (according to some prior premise), but which premise everything else in ur chain of logic depends upon.

    Subjectivism is absurd–as anything goes if it were true, and nothing would be false–we’d be God.

    The other pt. I was wanting to make and emphasize is that ur so-called “project” for “imagining” was only reported to be “confirmed,” don’t forget–and of course u know they’d tell u that in order to make sure all the money wasted on the project was justified. How otherwise would/could u “KNOW” ur imaginings were verified?–U DON’T KNOW (for urself)–u were only told that by obviously interested party w. long record of lying and deceit.

    First premises of philosophy are necessarily ASSUMPTIONS (“metaphysics”), fm which all the rest of “reasoning” is based. Thus we ASSUME there’s objective reality (subjectivism being absurd), and fm there we have all the rest of our logic and science and everything we consider that we “KNOW.”


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