Shadow figure terrorizes Boston offices

Shadow figure terrorizes Boston offices

Several staff members have witnessed something unusual. Image Credit:

Staff at the Boston Borough Council’s Municipal Buildings have reported accounts of poltergeist activity.

Paranormal occurrences at the 110-year-old West Street premises have become so commonplace that four employees have reported experiences and one is now too scared to work there alone.

The activity has included appliances being switched on and off, glass and other items being thrown around and sightings of a mysterious shadow entity that has become notorious for appearing behind people and then vanishing again.

One of the employees recalled screaming at the top of her lungs when, having finished making a cup of coffee, she turned around to witness an apparition standing directly behind her.

“I sometimes get a creepy feeling and there are cold spots in the office,” she said. “I turned from the fridge after making a coffee and in front of me was this dark figure.”

“The office is often really cold even though we have good heating. I don’t like to be here on my own and if I am I keep the door open with a chair. I never believed in ghosts, but I’m not so sure now.”

Source: Boston Standard

5 thoughts on “Shadow figure terrorizes Boston offices”

  1. Purpose Of Ghost Stories?–Keeping People In Fear, Submission, Obedience To ZOG

    Tiger: this kind of stuff–ghost stories–is just prop. for the satanic Jew world order–EVEN if it were true, which it surely isn’t. But then, WHAT is “true”?–the people being scared of “shadows”?–creepy feelings?–golly, but surely u’d agree that’s tough to verify, isn’t it?

    Observe in this evermore satanic day and age people are encouraged to be fearful–as about “terrorism,” which terror is DELIBERATELY INDUCED by ZOG, done by ZOG, blamed on their enemies–who are eventually everyone.

    And remember, Satanism is basically just extreme subjectivism–HUBRIS–as the Greeks taught, reality being NOT objective, but subjective, a product of one’s mentality–in the case of Jews, it’s a sublime collective subjectivism arbitrated by the top rabbis, the rest of the Jews, highly organized and co-ordinated, intensively pushing–that’s how Jews rule and dominate, most of the stupid goyim bewildered, dis-united, kept fighting one another, thus natural and easy victims of the Jews.

    So Horror stories like u feature for this blog are significant mostly for the continuing break-down of society in general fear which Jews and cohorts exploit for keeping their fascist dictatorship and continuing to consolidate, the culture corrupted in the general subjectivism ESPECIALLY by way of MORALISM-Pharisaism of non-existent “good-evil”–this used to encourage the weaklings to being OBEDIENT (“good”).

    Thus the evermore demoralized people are encouraged to be fearful, intimidated, and thus most subject to obedience to the state, the fear carrying over to fearing to dis-obey the state, the people fearful and more dis-connected w. one another, dis-united in face of the monolithic state dictatorship, un-relenting and remorseless–like the IRS here in USA.

    So the lady in the story who was scared when she turned around is surely scared much more in a general sort of way–what’s she doing all alone in the middle of a large city, anyway?–and then the sub-conscious anomie of her situation is then channeled and expressed in a sudden shock she’s given, surely mostly fm herself.

    So I’d conclude we all need a more healthy society–removed of the overwhelming Jew, hence satanic influence which dominates–a more Christian society, but of the REAL, rationalist kind of Christianity–NOT the Judaized, mystic sort of Christianity we’ve had forced upon us by such as the corrupt “Vatican,” for example, preaching a “faith” of beleeeeeeeeeevin’,” rather than the rational, straight-forward, NON-MYSTIC faith of simple LOYALTY.

    These ghost stories we’re getting fm the Jew-media is DELIBERATELY DESIGNED to keeping the people in fear, subjectivism, mysticism, and submissive obedience–in accord w. the phony “good-evil” pushed by ZOG and Jew world order.


      1. Note Christian Philosophy Within The Literature

        I’ve seen the site before–but what is ur purpose?–is it supposed to be some kind of rebuttal?

        Note an argument needs something like a statement which is usually a conclusion based upon at least a premise or two.

        Note u can’t prove a universal negative–this is basic law of logic.

        So u can’t say Christ never existed–he might have, even if evidence isn’t conclusive–just like one can’t say there is no God–as u can’t prove it, though u might say there’s no evidence.

        Important thing, regarding Christianity, is the LITERATURE which extolls a distinct philosophy within allegoric setting/context–MEANT TO COUNTER/OPPOSE the Jews/Pharisaics who later wrote their murderous anti-human Talmud.


      2. Well, Jews are followers of Talmud, by definition– and are best refs.


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