A frequent visitor could stand it no longer, and asked why I sometimes post apparently very disparate things, with little or no introduction or explanation.

In most cases, these are things that I have a personal interest in through researching some point for my writing or comicbooks. During my day job I’m either out and about and away from computers or stuck in front of one for long hours. During the latter when I take a break I invariably use the time to do research. Then, as any professional writer will tell you, some days it is much more entertaining for one’s self to do research about whatever other random factor pops up than actually do the day’s portion of writing! So for example gathering information on Philip K. Dick for various projects always ends up down laneways where “did Christ Jesus exist?” and ancient alien satellites await, rather than ending up on web pages that say in 20 point font DO YOUR DAY’S WORTH OF WRITING YOU LAZY BASTARD.

Since frequently I get comments saying some or other visitor is piqued in interest by the eclectic posts, I’ve taken to posting them rather than simply saving offline the results of any searches or research.

Diary of a madman or research dump?

It can be both. 🙂


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