Doctor Who: Dark Water (EPISODE REVIEW)

Another excellent review from Geekcritiqued of #DoctorWho.

Unfortunately I disagree strongly with it! 🙂


A clear step above the rest of series 8, the penultimate episode ‘Dark Water’ is immense, tragic, and… the first of a two parter. It sets the stage, reveals who’s actually behind the curtain this season, and is an all around excellent science fiction episode – well on its way toward a Hugo nomination. Generally I allow myself to watch an episode of Doctor Who two or three times before going into a review, but this episode is the exception. The Internet needs more opinions. Spoilers will follow.

For once we actually get a Moffat script that isn’t timey wimey. It’s actually quite the opposite. Clara wanted the Doctor to create a paradox by saving Danny from his unfortunate (yet “boring”) death, but he refused. Rather they used the TARDIS telepathic circuits to find their way to… 3W. But more on that later. By this point we’re ten minutes in…

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