Missy is the Master: it’s official, #DoctorWho is now fanfic + leftwing politics + right-on social engineering crap.

Doctor Who used to be science fiction. Now it’s a party political broadcast on behalf of the BBC theatrical luvvies and their warped abnormative worldview.

And worse than that, it’s boring as fuck.


2 thoughts on “Missy is the Master: it’s official, #DoctorWho is now fanfic + leftwing politics + right-on social engineering crap.”

  1. Life Sucks; Serious Improvement Seldom Likely

    Gosh, tiger: these are kinda’ funny sort of blogs, as in this one, where u merely make a statement and don’t really give too much in way of reference, except very generally. We here in Jew S A know nothing of “Doctor Who” which u’ve referenced several times, we notice.

    But otherwise, gov.-funded programming must necessarily reflect for benefit of those running gov., eh? And what’s nature of this gov.?–evermore satanic, u’ll notice, evermore lawless, the common folk suffering at behest of top powers, etc.

    Finally, the people will HAVE to revolt, just in order to attempt to surviving–and top powers are always anticipating this inevitability–that’s why they have phony, controlled-opposition by which they aim to vitiate
    any opposition, and mostly they seem to succeed.

    Even if powers fail to prevent revolution, still it’s difficult for the people to succeed without the revolution quickly being hi-jacked, and chaos and anarchy ensuing. Life sucks, and everything eventually degenerates, including cultures–like the Roman/ancient.

    Here in Jew S A, there’s simple expedient–we only have to do a little better to making it work–and that’s the states just dissolving the central, “Federal” gov.–it happens by means of states “NULLIFYING” Federal laws–it only needs enough people to going along. Of course, it’s serious measure, nullification/secession, but it can be done, and mighty Internet is an excellent tool.

    Here now, in Jew S A, there are mid-term elections coming this Tuesday, and there will be MASSIVE vote-fraud–as recently in Scotland, I understand. People don’t seem to get motivated unless misery becomes fairly intense–I fear it will have to get worse, but if we keep the I-net up we’ll have good chances.


  2. The current form of the internet, like the “Gutenberg miracle” re the printing press, was one of those unforeseen consequences. Even though both the printing press and the internet have been manhandled and engineered against liberty, each of them has that seed of chaos that allows us, to quote, an inch in which to live.

    If we can push that inch to two inches, a square foot, a new land- then yes we will be free. If not… Our bones will have to stand testament to the attempt.


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