The EPA jumps the shark, banning – ARGON ?

A story NOT from the Onion…

Watts Up With That?

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “noble” cause corruption. Documentation follows. Eric Worrall writes:
h/t IceAgeNow – the American EPA has stunned observers, with a list of inert additives for pesticide formulations they intend to ban, which includes the noble gas Argon.

Its hard to imagine a more inoffensive substance than Argon. As a noble gas, Argon is chemically inert – it participates in no chemical reactions whatsoever, except under exotic conditions – there are no known chemical compounds which can survive at room temperature which include Argon. Argon is not a greenhouse gas.
But Argon is incredibly useful to industry – among other things, is used as a “shield” gas. Anyone who welds Aluminium or Stainless Steel will be familiar with Argon, which is used with MIG and TIG welders, to blow oxygen away from the electric welding arc, to prevent oxidative damage to the weld…

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4 thoughts on “The EPA jumps the shark, banning – ARGON ?”

  1. You are right it is not from The Onion. It is from Anthony Watts’s blog, a much less reliable source. The claim that the EPA is banning argon is in fact a complete fabrication, although Anthony is now hiding behind the claim that the question mark at the ends means we should not be bothered by the fact that you and hundreds of other readers have been misled into believing such falsehoods.


      1. Thanks for your response! It seems to be unusual for somebody on the web to admit you made a mistake, so I appreciate it!


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