Climate Alarmism Profiteers: opposed to the Golden age

Climate alarmism, the marxist wealth redistribution scheme masquerading as “climate science”, is a set of pseudo scientific assertions promulgated by statisticians and arts graduates such as geographers.

Underlying its socialist agenda of using any side effect of modern civilisation as grounds for claiming that modern life is (a) polluting and (b) unfair, is the wholly marxist aim of destroying industry in the developed world and transferring that industry, together with capital and discretionary funds, to the developing world.

Of course, this recent term “developing world” is itself a misnomer, and a deliberate one. The whole point is that the third world is NOT developing, in many cases through the deliberate acts of its people and especially their ruling classes.

On a more religious plane however, just as marxism became the religion of atheists, so its hell has come to be the Golden Age- that old, reactionary and conservative existence where a CO2 rich atmosphere promoted a jungle – like worldwide growth of plant life, and the thick atmosphere apparently was more conducive to spectacular radiation of many subspecies of animals – 50 types of elephant rather than 4, a whole rainbow of grain eating herd animals and so on.

When climate alarmism attacks CO2 in the atmosphere as being a pollutant, they are directly attacking one of the fundaments of luxurious plant growth. And in turn, they are attacking the Golden Age that, before marxism, was the enduring dream of almost all humans.

The Age of Chronos, Zero Year, the Beginning of Time, and so many other local variants all looked back to the original peaceful age of the Earth, where vast abundance made life easy. CO2 levels much higher than our current atmosphere were a major part of the Golden Age.

If people like moving to Florida and Queensland for the climate, how can a more generally similar climate be a bad thing, even if it is the outcome of the “catastrophic” man-made global warming (which doesn’t seem to exist anyway)?

The catastrophe warmists see is in yet another impending disproof of marxism.


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