One thought on “Jim Linderman on Black Magic and Black Herman The True Story”

  1. Human History Is CYCLIC, Like Any Other History

    Folks should realize “magic” is effective–for those who believe in it.

    Thus in the great CYCLE of history, according to Oswald Spengler, in his “Decline of the West,” in any corrupt and degenerate empire–such as exists now in satanic/Jew -dominated West–u have numerous droves and groups of effete, credulous weaklings and losers who have the time and money to indulge such “magic,” etc.

    So with such a mass-market of superstitious morons, as un-doubtedly exist especially in the West, presently, it shouldn’t surprise if enterprising con-artists arise to fleece them of all their extra, “spare” change and money. Such, no doubt, is “Black Herman,” et al.

    The weaklings are the sort who officially “believe” in “Climate-change” (formerly, “global-warming”), proven by “studies” by con-artists fm the gov.-funded universities, who assure us all that it’s true and “proven,” based upon their “computer-models,” ho ho ho ho ho–and the suckers eat it all up.

    The politicians, who supposedly “represent” the people, like the judges and everyone else in places of responsibility, are all bought and paid-for by means of the central-banking legalized COUNTERFEITING, as of present US Federal Reserve Bank, IMF, World Bank, ECU, Bank of England, etc.

    And remember, the basic fallacy, upon which all/any of the other con-games are based, is “good-evil,” the weaklings persuaded that OBEDIENCE IS “GOOD,” and u’re “bad” if u don’t go-along w. the program, thus “tolerance” and “diversity” is “good,” etc.

    Problem then is once a corrupt civilization has bred-up such a huge number of these inferiors and weaklings, who now dominate the culture, the satanists and Jews are ready and even empowered now to mass-murder on an epic-scale–as Jim Jones, back in 1978, in Guyana, had his followers drinking the Kool-Aid at the end–like ZOG now wants everyone vaccinated due to latest ebola scare, along w. GMO foods, “chem-trail” seeding of the skies, etc.

    Note there’s no easy solution or cure for this sort of cultural corruption, though good Christian soldiers will try–the forest-fire can now, at this pt., only burn itself out, the remnant of humans left to beginning civilization all over for the CYCLE to begin anew.


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