The Flash: Fastest Man Alive (EPISODE REVIEW)


Been waiting for this episode for months now. After the pilot episode leaked online, I’ve been waiting (patiently I’ll add) for this next episode. And I really enjoyed it. It’s a marked improvement on some of the issues I had with the pilot, but several issues still stand. I like that they threw Barry in as the hero early on. Sure, he’s going after small things, saving folks from fires etc., but stays away from any real trouble. Turns out trouble finds him.

For those that go back to the early years of Smallville, you’ll remember how the series literally revolved around a different freak of the week each episode. Well, it really looks as if The Flash is headed down the same route, and fast (see what I did there, ha). This week, Danton Black, who Flash fans may note is a comic book supervillain known as “Multiplex”, starts…

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