One thought on “EU for dummies”

  1. Judaism IS satanism–Get A Clue, To Save Ur Stupid Lives, Morons
    (Apollonian, 14 Oct 14)

    Judaism = Talmudism = subjectivism = satanism

    What’s OBVIOUS problem w. our world?–the entire world, but esp. USA–we have not only criminals, not only corrupt politicians, but absolute, outright SATANISTS–and they’re out to kill u and us, fools–GET A CLUE, to save ur idiot, moronic lives, for goodness sakes.

    These satanists control the money-supply–they just print it all up as they need to buy everything and nearly everyone. US Federal Reserve Bank (“Fed”) is literally just legalized COUNTERFEITING.

    So WHAT are satanists?–well, they insist THEY’RE God, they create reality and truth–they’re absolute SUBJECTIVISTS–only “reality” is that within their minds. Naturally, these satanists are foremost criminals, esp. as they’re most organized–like Jews who preach a collective subjectivism.

    So we know satanists are leading criminals, heads of all organized crime, but how do we know Jews are leading satanists?–just ck the Talmud, their basic document; see and And thus we see the equations, Judaism = Talmudism (by definition) = Satanism.

    Thus Talmudism teaches subjectivism, that the word of God fm Torah means ONLY what Talmud “interprets,” Talmud actually consisting of the two main parts, (a) “Mishnah” interpretation of Torah, then (b) the “Gemara” interpretation of Mishnah interpretation–that’s right, the interpretation of the interpretation, literally–is that subjectivism?


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