INSANEMEDIA: Meet the Old Boss

Agent provocateurs running a Pine Bluff Variant or whackos abusing their military position? As someone with his own military sex pervert stalker (and two others) it would sort of good to know…

Sandy Hook Stalkers


by Keith Johnson

Is an American military officer with ties to the U.S. Army Cyber Command linked to a website that promotes anti-American Sandy Hook conspiracy theories?

An investigation by this writer has identified Katja Bush—foreign born wife of U.S. Army Captain Lashon Bush—as the founder, original owner and driving force behind Insanemedia, a website whose contributors accuse American citizens of conspiring with the federal government to stage the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) massacre as a pretext to a nationwide gun grab.

Writing under the pen name Kennedy Ray, Katja Bush has repeatedly referred to the SHES tragedy as a “conspiracy” and “scandal” and publishes content that describes victims and other civilians as a “cast of characters” who willing participated in an elaborate hoax, perpetrated by the U.S. government, as a means to justify a curtailment of Constitutional freedoms.

So what’s an Army wife doing…

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6 thoughts on “INSANEMEDIA: Meet the Old Boss”

      1. I’ll send you an email, unfortunately there is no contact information listed on this blog.

        No. This is not fair use


  1. This website uses third party intellectual property. As a

    parody, <-


    commentary <-



    [seems pretty clear]

    site, intellectual property is attributed or used with permission SAVE AND EXCEPT where the use is "Fair Use", "Parody", "Commentary", "Reasonable Use", altered to the extent that it becomes a "New Work" or under any other exception in law whether expressly claimed or not.


    More importantly, do you run insane media as a military intelligence op or as a secondary business you've told the military about as per requirements? Seems incredible it would be done without notice or comment from the military. Doubly incredible given your job in the military.


    1. The previous comment did not go through,

      You are using a stolen image that was never available to the public, it was only available for friends and family.

      It has not been taken on public grounds, so you can’t claim fair use. I commented in good faith, the website and commentary has been saved.


      1. Are you in the image? Is this the source of your heartburn? I dispute very strongly your use of the word “stolen” also. Finally, this is a repost of someone else’s blog post, have you contacted them too? Because otherwise the image you have such concerns about is going to remain over there ad infinitum.


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