Shock! Horror! Australian Climate and Meteorology Scientists told to raise their own funds

Climate moochers: live within your means like we productive people have to!

No more eiwigen blumnekraftwerk for the climate scammers!

Watts Up With That?

Today Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt told assembled Antarctic scientists,  that they need to find a way of broadening their funding base – they will have to raise charitable and commercial funding, to supplement funds provided by the government.
According to Greg Hunt;

“Whether it’s in relation to the walrus population, whether it’s in relation to penguins, you can have iconic species which can attract community interest,”
Hunt announced that the Australian government is putting up a lot of funding – paying for a new Icebreaker, and several other projects – but not all the funding which was promised by the previous government.
According to Hunt, “Along with the Bureau of Meteorology super computer, the investment will approach $500 million, … that wasn’t funded. The cupboard was bare. The cupboard was empty when we opened the doors and came into Government.”

The new icebreaker could come in handy –…

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