Kobayashi Maru.

Does that mean there are no rules at all?

That’s not a question you should ask of me, but of yourself. I have my own Rules of Engagement and I do stick to them, just as long as everyone else is playing by the rules. If they decide to ignore them, then it becomes open season and they’re fair game. Even then, you have to decide for yourself which particular lines you won’t cross.


A friend once told me about an experience he’d had in the army. During basic, he was getting a real hard time from a trio of a big alpha male and a couple of cronies. They were going to be the bosses of the barracks even if it meant the three of them beating the crap out of him enough times until he got the message. He took it for a while and then thought about it. He found a good makeshift club and waited until he found the leader alone.

He attacked him from behind and without any warning. He beat the hell out of him – nothing permanent but enough to put him down hard and keep him down. Over the next few days, he stalked and did exactly the same to the other two. When they got over their injuries, they never went near him again, nor anyone else.

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