Doctor Who: Kill the Moon (EPISODE REVIEW)


It’s incredible how very divisive this season of Doctor Who is becoming. It seems it’s every week now that fan opinions grow more and more divided. What was once a collected agreement known to Whovians aplenty as “perceived fan wisdom,” has now become serious debate for some. Kill the Moon really takes the cake though. After a series of early reviews for the episode being so overwhelmingly positive from the likes of Blogtor Who, IGN, and others, I thought for sure it would have been uncompromisingly good. But then, in equal if not greater measure, the negative backlash from the community had me stunned. After watching the episode a few times, it’s blatantly clear what the inherent issue here is. The episode requires that you suspend disbelief to the fact that (spoilers) the moon is a giant egg and is about to hatch. Unfortunately, if you cannot suspend…

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