Doctor Who: The Caretaker (EPISODE REVIEW)


Gareth Roberts, love him or hate him, has a style quite unlike any contemporary Doctor Who writer. In fact his work is most reminiscent of Russell T. Davies, the former showrunner, who’s been notably absent since his writing of The End of Time. Both writers just gravitate towards modern day stories that incorporate science fiction elements, and both deem character-driven stories more their hue than plot/monster/setting-driven stories, but Roberts is perhaps just a tad better at delivering effective comedy into the mix. The Caretaker, his fourth episode for the program, is an almost effortless example that he is just so good at his craft.

The Doctor makes his way to Coal Hill School (now much more than just your passing nod to An Unearthly Child) going undercover as the school’s caretaker, the English equivalent of a janitor. The episode has two minor issues in my opinion, and the first for…

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