Steven Moffat, Doctor Who, The Caretaker and soldier bashing

If nothing else this moronic soldier bashing is highlighting how few people still serve, as well as the general abysmal ignorance about volunteerism, conscription and what you’re “made to do”.

Even during conscription, anyone objecting to fighting is given an equally or more dangerous job to do if they go to the front- ambulance driving for example.

Volunteerism shows a level of commitment no civilian would achieve. Least of all television writers given the opportunity to run a show they once regularly described in the 1990s as “rubbish”.

In terms of volunteer soldiering, it’s basically exactly what the Doctor has been cast as since the Patrick Troughton moonbase speech onwards.

In terms of the culture which pays the licence fees so the BBC can make Doctor Who, it’s extremely poor taste and rather anti-English to have a go at armed services personnel, especially when they’re now regularly dragged into corporate wars around the world.

Doctor Who doesn’t have to go to the “my country right or wrong” fascist support the troops rhetoric of American progamming, but flabby civilians whose idea of a war is arguing on a forum (or in the case of Moffat secretly reading every word on this one) should just leave it right out.

It’s as bad in its way as the right-on politics and tone deaf socialistic claptrap of the seventh doctor.

If the Pink character supposedly just did his turn as a squaddie or similar and never rose up the ranks, as well as the odious reference to “officers” as being something out of the Sharpe series- evil English lords etc. – whoever is writing this needs to get out more. A guy who never earns a promotion in reality is a hopeless soldier. Hopeless. To never qualify as a specialist etc. let alone drift through as a dog soldier- not representative.

But then we had the stupid acrobatics so perhaps he was some kewl commando and they had a secret mission and it all went wrong and he shot civilians because OFFICERS! Not hackneyed or trite at all then. Also in this day and age if civilians quote unquote were shot, he’d have been disciplined, prosecuted probably.

Load of tripe from beginning to end.

And for a cartoon parody of a Doctor whose catchphrase seems to be :shut up: this is another unneeded layer of unpleasantness.

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