Doctor Who: Time Heist (EPISODE REVIEW)


Another episode co-written by showrunner Steven Moffat. I’m curious if it was truly a collaborative effort, or if SteMo simply took the reins from Stephen Thompson after his first draft of the script came through. Regardless, SteMo’s hands aren’t as all over this episode as you might have expected. I was personally anticipating another visit from the, as of late, remarkably absent Missy. And although there are timey-wimey elements to the story, it doesn’t feel like a Moffat script.

That being said, I’ve read many a comment from fans and critics stating this is Stephen Thompson’s first really good episode. Yes, The Curse of the Black Spot was a disgusting attempt to steal some of that Pirates of the Caribbean hype. Time Heist is certainly better than that episode. But was it better than Thompson’s second go at Who, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS? I’m not really sure…

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