Under the Dome season 1 box set review: 4/10

Lesbian interracial couple was a horrible addition to this series,
achingly politically correct and the ugly girl cast as their daughter
destroys any interest in the teen wangst angle.

The big mouth reporter woman is tiresome; in real life someone would have slapped the bitch by now.

The hero guy is a walking cliche without the redeeming cliche stylings of Sawyer or Doctor Miracle from LOST.

The black lesbian character is another in the seemingly infinite succession of magic negros. ENOUGH.

Hispanic cop woman is not exactly a ringing endorsement for affirmative action hiring either. They have unintentionally made her probably the most borderline retarded cop since the Mayberry days.

The basic premise is very strong for pablum formula television, but it
doesn’t have the cynical exploitative dedication of LOST to pushing the buttons of the viewers.

Since it won’t go the whole hog to pander to the mouth breather
audience and it is far from intellectual and so won’t cater to the
“intellectual” (pseudo-intellectual more like it) doctor who crowd, the Dome series won’t find an audience.

The network producers are entirely to blame. Clueless as always.


As for Stephen King- anything he sets his hand to in TV or movies after Maximum Overdrive is a step up.

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