Twitter: Information Warfare, Propaganda and the ‘Troll’

Dezinformatsiya: The art of disinformation.

Disinformation is very simple: It is false information.

The principal aim of projecting false information is to spread false knowledge among the target population with a view to discrediting individuals, corporations or governments, or seeding dissent.

EU Funded Pro EU Troll

This abstract came across an interesting blog post today, which is recommended reading for anyone using the Twitter platform:

The author provides some examples of accounts and strategies which are claimed to source from Russian Intelligence.

The cases and arguments made are broadly correct, however, there are some important details and concepts missing which targets – that is anyone who is not sourcing this way – should be aware of.

i) Accounts which send gibberish, hostile links and/or offensive / inappropriate media.

These are attempted direct attacks through the Twitter platform targetting individuals, with the aim of compromising the remote machine, or producing a negative reaction.

With certain media content this may be sent with a view to discredit or bring unwarranted criminal action against the target. To the latter point, the following could constitute a credible example:

ii) China et al.

This abstract has directly observed accounts purporting to source from China attempting to engage…

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