News Corp’s Andrew Bolt aids and abets his friend Kimberly Kitching with fraud and theft at the HSU

Kangaroo Court of Australia

News Corp commentator Andrew Bolt has been using his TV show The Bolt Report to aid and abet his friend and alleged former sexual partner Kimberley Kitching in committing fraud and theft at the HSU and trying to boost her political career.

This has been happening for over a year and peaked a couple of weeks ago on the 26th of August when Ms Kitching had her criminal conduct raised at the Trade Union Royal Commission. The criminal allegations include but are not limited to, bullying, fraud and theft and running a “Right of Entry” exam racket. A few days later on Sunday the 31st ofAugust Andrew Bolt had Kimberley Kitching on his show and failed to ask her questions on his show about the alleged criminal conduct raised at the Royal Commission.

Kimberley Kitching and her Husband Andrew Landeryou have a long criminal history of fraud and theft so Andrew Bolt’s strange relationship with Kitching has not been missed by his supporters and has…

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