Bill Shorten uses internet trolls to try to blackmail & intimidate media reporting the Union Royal Commission

Kangaroo Court of Australia

Bill Shorten and the Labor Party cannot help themselves and have been up to their standard dirty tricks trying to intimidate journalists and social media users at the Trade Union Royal Commission. Bullying and threats seem to be a specialty of the Labor Party and unions. Even the barrister James Glissan QC representing the TWU tried to bully a self-represented witness, Michael Wong, in open court and as we all know bullying is a criminal offence.(See video below)

(Click anywhere on the above video to watch) (The video is a classic as Michael Wong shows plenty of fight and a sense of humour in defending himself)

Although the TWU barrister James Glissan QC committed the crime of bullying in relation to Michael Wong neither Commissioner Heydon nor counsel assisting Jeremy Stoljar stepped in to help. The old attorney/attorney respect law kicked in where they turn a blind eye to the corrupt and dodgy conduct of other lawyers…

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